101+ Flowers Names in (Hindi And English) | फूलों के नाम

Names of Flowers in Hindi & English (more than 90) Various flower species names and photos aid in learning and knowledge growth. However, Flower name ( फूलों के नाम) makes it simple to comprehend the word in many contexts.

Flowers are a vital part of our lives. Flowers Through flowers, we may rest our minds and feel good and energised. Many different kinds of medicine employ flowers. More than 400,000 distinct flower species exist in our globe. If you want to know more about flower parts, all questions are in the end.

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Phoolon ke Naam (Flowers Names)

More than 102 Hindi and English flowers names The names and images of many flower species aid in learning and knowledge expansion. The name Flowers is straightforward to comprehend in several different contexts. We cannot live without flowers. Flowers We may relax our brains, feel wonderfully fantastic, and get energised by flowers. Flowers are used in many different sorts of medicine.

1.Aloe Vera Flowerघृत कुमारी
2.Black Turmericकाली हल्दी
3.Balsamगुल मेहँदी
Monsoon Lily flower
सफ़ेद मुस्ली
5.Ashok Flowerसीता अशोक
6.Anemone Flowerरत्नज्योति फूल
7.Bluebell flowerनीला फूल
8.Blue Water Lilyनीलकमल
9.Blue Morning Gloryप्रातः श्री
10.Blue Fountain Bushभरंगी
11.Blood Lilyरक्त लिली
12.Chamomileबबुने का फुल
13.Canna Lilyसर्वज्जय
14.Butterfly Peaअपराजिता
15.Butea Monospermaपलाश के फुल
16.Burr Mallowबिचता
17.Burmann’s Sundewमुखजली
18.Brahma Kamalब्रह्मकमल
20.Bluestar Flowerअसोनिया
24.Tulipकन्द पुष्प
30.Golden Showerअमलतास
32.Balsamगुल मेहँदी
33.Forest Ghostआँकुरी बाँकुरी
34.Crape Jasmineचांदनी फूल
35.Yellow Marigoldगेंदे का फूल
36.White Frangipaniगुलैन्ची
37.Pot Marigoldगुले अशर्फ़ी
38.Night Blooming Jasmineरात की रानी
39.Star Jasmineकुंद पुष्प
40.Jasminum Sambacमोगरा
42.Millingtonia Hortensisनीम चमेली
43.Zombi Peaजंगली मूंग
44.Indian Tulipपारस पीपल
45.Purple Passionझुमका लता
46.Primroseबसन्ती गुलाब
48.Butea Monospermaपलाश के फुल
49.Bluestar Flowerअसोनिया
51.Foxtail Orchidद्रौपदी माला
52.Lady’s slipper orchidआर्किड फूल
54.Stramoniumसफ़ेद धतुरा
55.Creeperमधु मालती
56.Prickly Pearनागफनी
58.Grand Crinum Lilyनागदमनी
59.Poppy Flowerखसखस
60.Sweet Violetबनफशा का फूल
61.bluebell flowerनीला फूल
63.Tuberose Flowerकंद फूल
64.Mirabilis Jalapaमिराबिलिस जालपा
65.Hypericum flowerहाइपेरिकम फूल
66.Columbine Flowerकालंबिन फूल
67.Golden Frangipaniसोन चम्पा
68.Orange Tiger Lilyनारंगी बाघ लिली
69.Asiatic Lilyलिलि
70.Ranunculus Flowerरनंगक्यलस फूल
71.Showy Rattlepodसन्नी
73.Crownसफ़ैद आक
74.Cockscombलाल मुर्ग़ा
75.Mexican Prickly Poppyसत्यानाशी
76.Canna Lilyसर्वज्जय
77.Spanish Cherryमौलश्री का पुष्प
78.Ixora Coccineaरुग्मिनी
79.Mountain Laurelमाउंटेन लॉरेल
80.Common Lantanaराईमुनिया
81.Blue Fountain Bushभरंगी
82.Burmann’s Sundewमुखजली
83.Spanish Cherryमौलश्री का पुष्प
84.Ixora Coccineaरुग्मिनी
85.Mountain Laurelमाउंटेन लॉरेल
86.Picotee Blue Morning Gloryपॉटोटी ब्लू मॉर्निंग ग्लोरी
87.Tanner’s Cassiaतरवड़
88.Glory Lilyबचनाग
89.Zombi Peaजंगली मूंग
91.Indigo Flowerनील फूल
92.Burr Mallowबिचता
94.Star Gloryकामलता फूल
97.Night Blooming Jasmineहरसिंगा
99.Peacock Flowerगुलेतूरा फूल
100.Black Turmericकाली हल्दी
102.Puncture Vineगोखरू
103.Blue Water Lilyनीलकमल
104.Aloe Vera Flowerघृत कुमारी

so we have covered 101+ Phoole ke naam hindi aur english mein.

10 Flowers Names

Detail about Some 10 phoolon ke naam english mein

1. Rose (गुलाब)
It is a beautiful sweet-scented flowering shrub and is grown in almost all countries. Rose has little thorns on the stem and comes in various colours it looks very beautiful.

Information about the Rose (गुलाब) flower

Plant Type: Flowering small shrub
Geographic Origin:Asia
Plant Size:1-3 feet
Sun Exposure:Full sun
Plant Zone:3-11
Diversity:More than 100 varieties

2. Jasmine (चमेली)
Jasmine is a flower that belongs to the olive family and it is white. These flowers have a beautiful sweet fragrance associated with them.

Information about the Jasmine (चमेली) flower

Plant Type: Flowering shrub
Geographic Origin:South Asia
Plant Size:2-10 feet
Sun Exposure:Sunlight
Plant Zone:7-10
Diversity:200+ different varieties

3. Sunflower (सूरजमुखी)
The sunflower is a yellow flower mostly seen in Central America and North America. They are reported to blossom towards the sun and have lengthy stems.

Information about the Sunflower (सूरजमुखी) flower

Plant Type: Flowering shrub
Geographic Origin:North America
Plant Size:3-10 feet
Sun Exposure:Sunlight
Plant Zone:4-10
Diversity:70+ different varieties

4. Lily (नीलकमल)
Lilies are herbaceous flowers and grow from bulbs. This flower comes in a variety of colours and species.

Information about the Lily (नीलकमल) flower

Plant Type: Aquatic flowering plant
Geographic Origin:Found in cool aquatic environments
Plant Size:Small to large
Sun Exposure:Throughout the day
Plant Zone:Thrives in both tropical and temperate aquatic environments
Edible:Flourishes well in enriched water
Fragrant:Sweet and aromatic

5. Marigold (गेंदे का फूल)
Marigolds are a kind of flower that may be raised indoors. The common marigold species are the French and American varieties. These blossoms can have a vivid orange, yellow, or reddish colour.

Information about the Marigold (गेंदे का फूल) flower

Plant Type: Annual plant
Geographic Origin:Mexico, America
Plant Size:1-3 feet tall
Sun Exposure:6 to 8 hours
Plant Zone:9 to 11
Diversity:This plant grows from seeds and is resistant.
Edible:Its leaves and flowers are used in culinary applications.
Poisonous:It does not contain the chemical compound brassicanthine.
Fragrant:The flower of this plant.

6. Lotus (कमल)
Lotuses are commonly found in India. These flowers feature broad, pinkish or white petals that thrive in murky waters. These blooms have broad, glossy leaves.

Information about the Lotus (कमल) flower

Plant Type: Aquatic flowering plant
Geographic Origin:Asia
Plant Size:5-8 feet
Sun Exposure:Full sun
Plant Zone:4-11
Diversity:2 different varieties

7. Poppy (अफीम)
Poppy is a herbaceous flowering plant. It comes in many colours, and the red poppy is the most common in this flower.

Information about the Poppy (अफीम) flower

Plant Type: Annual flowering plant
Geographic Origin:Native to Asia, but can be found in various regions
Plant Size:Varies, commonly ranges from 1 to 4 feet
Sun Exposure:Prefers full sun
Plant Zone:Typically grows in zones 3-9
Diversity:Multiple species and varieties
Fragrant:Varies; some species may have a mild fragrance, while others may not

8. Hibiscus (कुंद पुष्प)
We are also known as this China Rose, these flowers are quite common in India and come in various colours. They have medicinal values too.

Information about the Hibiscus (कुंद पुष्प) flower

Plant Type: Large deciduous tree
Geographic Origin:Prefers high temperatures and well-drained locations
Plant Size:Medium to large
Sun Exposure:Throughout the day
Plant Zone:Moderate to high zones
Diversity:Available in various colours and flower shapes
Edible:Generally, the plant benefits from good nutrition
Fragrant:Fragrant and aromatic

9. Lavender (लैवेंडर)
The primary growing areas for lavenders are in Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean region. Lavenders are perfumed upright purple flower spikes.

Information about the Lavender (लैवेंडर) flower

Plant Type: Flowering melon
Geographic Origin:South Europe and Africa
Plant Size:Small to large
Sun Exposure:Full sun or partial shade
Plant Zone:5-9
Diversity:More than 47 species
Edible:Not edible; available for other uses
Fragrant:Sweet scent

10. Daisy (गुलबहार)
Daisy blooms are widely produced throughout Europe. They have different species that come in a variety of colours.

Information about the Daisy (गुलबहार) flower

Plant Type: Flowering shrub
Geographic Origin:Europe, Northern Asia, North America
Plant Size:6-12 inches tall
Sun Exposure:Sunlight
Plant Zone:3-10
Diversity:More than 23 different varieties

12. Dahlia (डहेलिया)
The perennial dahlia plant is bushy, herbaceous, and tuberous. They have a size range of 2 to 5 inches. These flowers come in a variety of hues.

Information about the Daisy (गुलबहार) flower

Plant Type: Flowering plant (perennial)
Geographic Origin:Mexico, Central America
Plant Size:Varies, typically 1 to 6 feet tall
Sun Exposure:Full sun
Plant Zone:8-11 (depending on the variety)
Diversity:Numerous varieties and cultivars
Poisonous:he tubers can be toxic if ingested, so caution is advised.
Fragrant:Some varieties may have a mild fragrance, but overall, Dahlias are not known for strong scents.

Flowers Scientific Name

गुलाब  Rose Rosa
मरीगोल्ड  Marigold Marigold 
सूरजमुखी Sunflower Helianthus
चमेली Jasmine Jasminum
पारिजात Night-flowering JasmineNyctanthes
कनेर Oleander Nerium
लॉटस Lotus Nelumbo
गेंदा Marigold Tagetes
बेल Wood AppleAegle marmelos
चिमनी Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
कैलेंडुला Calendula Calendula
गुलदौदी Periwinkle Catharanthus roseus
गेंदा फूलMarigold Tagetes
कनकम्बर Orchid Orchidaceae
चंदन Sandalwood Santalum album
रातरानी Night-blooming CestrumCestrum nocturnum
लाल पारिजात Coral JasmineNyctanthes arbortristis
अंगूरी Passion FlowerPassiflora
बरगदBanyan TreeFicus benghalensis
अमरन्तस  AmaranthAmaranthus

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Some FAQs About Flowers

The Hindi name for the rose blossom, and what is its scientific name?

The Hindi word for the rose blossom is “Gulab,” and its scientific name is Rosa.

Just who is Flower Queen?

The flower queen is Rose.

Some lovely names for flowers?

Rose, lotus, cherry blossom, sunflower, and dahlia are the most beautiful flowers.

Name of our Nation’s Flower?

Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn (Lotus) is the name of the nation’s flower.

The blossoms of what two plants are used as vegetables?

Broccoli & Cauliflower.

Which two edible flowers can you think of?

Hibiscus & roses are flowers that are eaten as food.